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Wednesday, 05 June 2019



Few locations surpass Carlisle Bay for your daily sun salutations; here the energy is just right – you can feel the elements at play, bathing in the soft warmth of the sun for your morning meditation whilst the cool breeze from the rainforest keeps you re...

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Friday, 10 May 2019

Ten tips for planning a Destination Wedding  

Ten Tips Destination Weddings

Imagine a wedding with the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, romantic decorations and arragements, surrounded by your loved ones... it sounds ideal, right? But planning a wedding in another country can turn your dream into a nightmare. To sail smoo...

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Tuesday, 02 April 2019

A day in the life of Carlisle Bay - Deonne Maxime  

Deonne Maxime

This year Carlisle Bay is celebrating fifteen years welcoming guests from around the world to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. To celebrate such a milestone, we hosted an anniversary dinner in the hotel to recognise and thank our staff ...

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