Carlisle Bay is a proud member of Green Globe, established over 30 years ago, a global leader in sustainable tourism certification, recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and an affiliate member of United Nations World Tourism Organisation. 

As part of our continued commitment to be kind to the environment and keeping Antigua beautiful for future generations, please find below a list of actions we have in place to assist keep Antigua green:

  • We use logoed reusable translucent water bottles placed in all guest rooms, and which can be refilled from water stations strategically positioned around the Resort. This practice has minimized the use of single- use plastic water bottles. 
  • We are equipped with a reverse osmosis plant which produces purified potable water (50,000 gallons daily) as our main water supply source. In addition, the RO plant captures and corrects disposal of impurities within the mains water feed without the discharge of harmful chemically saturated water going to effluent or drain. 
  • Our team use electrically powered service carts in the departments vs diesel and petrol options.  
  • We have implemented energy saving equipment such as inverter air conditioning units, LED lights, pathway lighting and sprinklers turned on by set timers.  
  • Our team use ‘grey water’ via a sprinkler system to irrigate all gardens 
  • The culinary team cultivate our Chef's garden at the resort, which produces fresh seasonal herbs such as peppers, kale, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, scallion etc. rosemary, Bok choy and thyme to name a few. 
  • We support local farmers by purchasing most of the perishables such as vegetables. fruits and ground provisions locally. 
  • We support local pig farmers by donating cooked food to eliminate additional waste being bagged in plastic to be disposed.
  • Use of all environmentally friendly cleaning products in all of our food & beverage and housekeeping departments. 
  • Consciously minimizing the use of paper products by communicating mostly electronically via PC or smart phones with our team. 
  • Carlisle Bay Resort purchases the bulk of products used from sustainable suppliers. 
  • We encourage our guests to reuse towels when possible.  

Carlisle Bay has also partnered with Adoptacoastline for the Community Coastal Stewardship of Carlisle Bay beach and Old Road village in Antigua. The recent community beach and village clean up welcomed over 50 volunteers to remove 60 plus 24-gallon biodegradable bags of trash from the environment. Youth Coastal Stewards from Old Road Primary School have installed a beach bin made from tyres salvaged from landfill and painted it the famous Adoptacoastline blue with a stencilled request to ‘Keep Antigua Nice’. They have planted 10 coconut palm trees, one each, to care for throughout the year (provided by Good Humans 268) and are excited about upcoming plans for making signage and a seating area from organic materials found on the beach. We are very proud of the youth stewards aged from 7 to 11 years old, becoming Adoptacoastline ambassadors and ocean advocates for Antigua and Barbuda encouraging us all to care for our  coastlines.

Future Adoptacoastline and Carlisle Bay clean ups are scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. You are all invited to join us to ‘Keep Antigua Nice'.