Ten tips for planning a Destination Wedding

Friday, 10 May 2019
Ten Tips Destination Weddings
Imagine a wedding with the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, romantic decorations and arragements, surrounded by your loved ones... it sounds ideal, right? But planning a wedding in another country can turn your dream into a nightmare. To sail smoothly to your destination wedding, have a look at these top ten tips for planning a wedding abroad:

  1. Choose the right location. Beautiful views are important but make sure to choose somewhere that will provide the resources you need at the standard you require (accommodation, dining, activities, etc). This is particularly important if you are inviting guests. 
  2. Research, research, research. Find out as much as you can online about the destination and/or resort you are hoping to choose - the facilities available there, the travel required, food, availability of wedding suppliers locally, legal requirements for marrying, etc.
  3. Check the weather for the time of year in your prospective location. Arriving to your destination during a rainy season would not make for a dream wedding! 
  4. Give your guests ample notice. They will need time to budget, plan and make their decision as to whether they can attend. Do not be offended if not everyone you invite can make it. 
  5. Provide as much information as possible to your guests – even something small like letting them know you are getting married on a beach is important so that the ladies know not to wear stilettos! 
  6. Try to schedule at least one visit to your wedding destination and prepare for your visit so that you maximise what you achieve while there. 
  7. Use the onsite wedding coordinator, if you are choosing a hotel or resort, to help with your arrangements as much as possible. They will often take over many of the tasks for you and you will feel a weight lift from your shoulders. 
  8. Book through a destination wedding specialist if your own time is limited and avoid a stressful build-up to your wedding celebration.
  9. Let go of some of the control. You are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your wedding destination and you cannot possibly control every detail of your special day. Trust others to help you. 
  10. Make it meaningful. Let the destination mean something to you both – always wanted to visit there, family descended from there, you once holidayed there during your courtship? Choose somewhere special as this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
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