Top 5 Ways You Can Explore Your Destination

Monday, 05 November 2018
sailing yacht

“The world is your oyster.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase time and again. But what does it actually mean?

According to the dictionary, it means “you are in a position to take the opportunities that life has to offer.” In other words, you are free to do anything and everything that you desire, including doing things you’ve always wanted to do and exploring places you’ve never been to, like hiring private yacht charters or visiting the Caribbean.

Travelling is the best way to experience and see new things. It’s also the best way to take in everything that a destination has to offer.

Top 5 ways to explore your destination

If you’re travelling to the Caribbean Island of Antigua and staying in Carlisle Bay, here are some tips to help you explore this place the best possible way.
  • Make no plans.
  • Sometimes, the best memories are made when they’re unplanned. Don’t plan every second and every detail of your trip. Allow yourself to get lost in the island. Let your feet and your heart take you to places you didn’t intend to go. At the end of your escapade, you’ll be thankful you did.
  • Take public transportation.
  • This is one of the best ways to immerse in a new place. By taking public transportation, you’ll be able to be one with the locals. You’ll be able to see places along the way and find off-the-beaten paths that you didn’t know existed. But if you’re exploring the seas – after all, you’ll be in an island surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Caribbean – be sure to book private yacht charters. It’s convenient. Plus, you’ll be able to visit neighbouring islands that may not be accessible to group tours.
  • Strike up conversations with strangers.
  • Remember when your mom would tell you as a kid that you can’t talk to strangers? When you’re older and probably travelling alone, the fun starts when you meet and get to know complete strangers. By starting conversations, you’ll learn new things and connect with other people. Who knows, you and your new-found friends might just agree to go on a tour and hire a private yacht charter Greece?
  • Be adventurous with food.
  • Street food is not your thing? You’ll miss half of your life if you don’t let yourself be adventurous with food. Get recommendations from the locals – they know best when it comes to the must-try delicacies. Also, try eateries that are not mentioned in travel blogs. You’ll be amazed at what they can offer!
  • Try everything!
  • You have to grab every opportunity to have fun and have the best holiday ever. Someone invites you to go on a tour on one of the private yacht charters? Go! What are the odds of you ending up having lots and lots of fun in the company of strangers, right? Just make sure to inform someone of your whereabouts so they know where to find you in case of an emergency.
  • Explore places that will teach you about history, culture, etc.
  • Historical museums and galleries can teach you a lot about a city or country’s history and its culture. In Antigua, the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda is one of the most popular historical museums that was opened in 1985. There’s also the Dockyard Museum, which was established in 1855, and the Betty’s Hope Museum, which used to be a large-scale sugar plantation. If you’re travelling to Ireland, one of the most iconic places to visit is the SS Nomadic, also known as Titanic’s little sister. It was built by the same people in the same way and at the same shipyard as Titanic, Harland & Wolff, which original headquarters were transformed in the beautiful Titanic Hotel Belfast. Visiting a historical place during your travels is a great way to learn more about the destination.

Making lasting memories

When travelling, always make sure you have a good mixture of adventure and surety. Of excitement and monotony. By allowing yourself to explore things and places that you didn’t initially plan to, you’re allowing yourself to be spontaneous. To be alive. To live.