Antigua - An Express Travel Guide

Friday, 12 October 2018

Carlisle Bay opens its doors this weekend! That dream trip you’ve been planning for so long will finally become a reality. Antigua is awaiting but, do you have everything you need? Don’t panic! Here’s a basic guide with everything you should consider before your journey.

  • Documents

Well… duh. You don’t need a visa card to travel to Antigua, just a valid passport. Remember to grab it, along with the flight tickets. We know it’s obvious, but trust us, you wouldn’t be the first person to forget their documents. 

  • Currency

Antigua’s own currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$). 1 East Caribbean Dollar equals 0.37 United States Dollars (this fluctuates daily, so check the exchange rate before you travel). In most local shops and business establishments, they accept US$.

  • Sunscreen

This one should be obvious too. The sun in the Caribbean hits much more intensely than in other parts of the world, so it is very important to protect the skin to enjoy the wonderful beaches of Antigua without worries!

  • Clothing

The climate of Antigua, as in most Caribbean islands, is tropical. Temperatures are warm all year round, with very hot peaks in some months. Therefore, you should always bring with you light clothing, made of linen or cotton, the most comfortable in this weather. Remember to pack also long trousers or a long dress in case you want to attend a more formal - some places won’t let you in in shorts. And don’t forget to bring with you a pair of sunglasses and a hat or cap!

  • Where to stay

Choosing where to stay during your holiday in Antigua depends on many factors. For those who seek maximum comfort, Carlisle Bay offers 87 luxurious suites with ocean views through their floor to ceiling windows. Looking out over the white sand and turquoise water, with a backdrop of an emerald green rainforest, the resort provides tranquillity and seclusion for those looking to get away from the stress of their daily routine.

Carlisle Bay also comprises various restaurants, movie theatre, spa, yoga pavilion and watersports and tennis facilities. You will find everything you could possibly want right here.

  • Family

If you travel with children, remember to take everything you need to make the flight as enjoyable as possible. From food to games, movies or books. Tablets have become a blessing for parents in long flights.

Carlisle Bay has it all for children to have a great time. Our wonderful Kids’ Club will delight the little ones and keep them entertained, while the adults relax on the beach.

In addition to the above, there are three other essentials that you must not forget when travelling to Antigua: the bathing suit, the towel and the will to have fun! Now you are ready!