Carlisle Bay Yoga Retreat

This retreat will take a special journey using the Panchamahabhutas - the five great elements - as inspiration for practice. The yoga tradition views us all as made up of the sacred elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. How we relate to and experience these elements can be a great reflection of where we are in relation to inner harmony and balance. Being on retreat is the perfect opportunity to immerse into nature as well as witness our own internal landscape. Tuning in to the elements provides the perfect gateway.

EARTH - foundation, security and stability
WATER - adaptability, flexibility and creativity
FIRE - power, strength and vitality
AIR - communication, connection and integration
SPACE - listening, expression and authenticity

The morning practices will offer more dynamic practices to invigorate for the day, whereas the afternoons will be reserved for slower flow, restorative practice, meditation and yoga nidra (deep guided relaxation). 

The hotel has partnered with contemporary jewellery brand, Daisy Jewellery and will gift all guests participating in the retreat with the iconic Chakra bracelet. The collaboration aims to promote internal wellbeing, harmony, and balance while in the peaceful Caribbean setting. Famous for designing the original Chakra bracelet, Daisy Jewellery is an established, elegant brand and the perfect partner for Carlisle Bay’s Yoga Retreat based on a journey through the elements. 

Embark in a unique Yoga Retreat in the beautiful surroundings of Carlisle Bay.