Carlisle Bay Yoga Retreat

Few locations surpass Carlisle Bay for your daily sun salutations; here the energy is just right – you can feel the elements at play, bathing in the soft warmth of the sun for your morning meditation whilst the cool breeze from the rainforest keeps you refreshed during your vinyasa flow…

At Carlisle Bay we are excited to launch our first yoga and integrative health retreat on the 28th of May to the 1st of June 2020 combining the restorative benefits of yoga with the expertise of luxury brands ESCAPADA and ESPA, to provide a healing and uplifting break. 

ESCAPADA specialises in Chinese Medicine and delivers an individualised retreat programme, including a focused health consultation upon arrival, followed by a prescription of acupuncture treatment and therapeutic massage.  

ESPA, guided by this philosophy, work alongside our healthcare professionals to tend to the whole wellbeing of each and every guest through a mixture of holistic face and body treatments. All this combined with mindful movement and nourishing nutrition will ensure that your year gets off to the right start.

Embark in a unique Yoga Retreat in the beautiful surroundings of Carlisle Bay.